SFR Update 2016-08-16


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Aug 16, 2016  How many of the Active Listings across the East Bay witness Price Reductions at some point after first listed?  Click here to find out.  Alameda?  Castro Valley?  Danville?

Aug 9, 2016   What is the recent sweet spot for 4/+ bedroom homes in Alameda?  3-bedroom homes?  2-bedroom homes?

Aug 8, 2016   How do recent closing prices in Alameda compare with those in Danville, CastroValley, Livermore and San Leandro.  Click here to find out.

Aug 8, 2016   What does the 10-yr average volume profile of Pending Listings in Livermore look like?  Click here to find out.  Click here to check out the identical profile for Danville.  And, finally you can click here to check out the same profile for Alameda.

Aug 8, 2016   What percentage of transactions have been closing above/at/below the last listing price in Livermore?  Click here to find out.  And how much above/below the last listing price did they close?  Click here to find out.

Aug 5, 2016   How does Alameda inventory on August 5, 2016 stack up on the price/SqFt scatter plot?  Click here to find out.