Some Testimonials


“I was initially impressed with Ramesh’s enthusiasm, communication skills and professional demeanor when I first hired him as our realtor in Alameda. At that time, Ramesh handled the sale of our home AND the purchase on BOTH sides of our second home on Park Avenue --- and when I say he went beyond his general duties, it barely describes this man’s work ethic and morals. Moreover, the additional marketing tools he offered at NO COST to the sellers were unheard of with most agents we met with. He even helped us secure a loan. It was the easiest transaction I had ever had with an agent/broker.

Ramesh is reliable, dedicated and eternally upbeat. His ability to calm frustrated sellers is unparalleled and his enthusiastic embrace of change (meaning this yo-yo market) and unwavering commitment to exceeding customer expectations and his outstanding level of service, professionalism and follow-through. He consistently demonstrated all of these qualities and more, and I heartily endorse him for any real-estate services you require.” --- Rainee McGrew, Buyer & Seller


"When I was preparing to sell my apartment building, I knew it was going to be a challenge, and finding the right broker/agent was the key. I had met Ramesh in 2004. At that time, he was the seller's agent, and he kept in contact with me from time to time to keep me informed on the market.  When I decided to sell, I contacted three agents, including Ramesh, knowing I was confident in Ramesh's ability, but realizing I should nonetheless interview other agents, so I would feel comfortable with my decision. I was very disappointed in the responses I received from the other two agents. Ramesh was the glowing exception.

Ramesh must have spent days preparing a thorough analysis, and I questioned every bit of that analysis. He was the only one who demonstrated the value in my property. Even though property values had been dropping over the years, I was able to close escrow for nearly $100,000 more than I paid for my property in 2004. Not only that, but Ramesh was able to get me nearly $150,000 more than the other agents recommended I list it for.

To say that I was thrilled is an understatement. I was so pleased with what Ramesh was able to do for me in Alameda that I had him represent me on three income property purchases in Sacramento. I was concerned about the fact that Ramesh didn't normally work outside of the Bay Area, but my concerns were quickly alleviated. I just closed on my third purchase; all handled by Ramesh, and feel very good about how they all went.  Ramesh is on my speed dial.  Thank you, Ramesh, for all you’ve done.” --- Michael Benson, Seller & Buyer


“Ramesh helped me through all the steps of my first property sale. He patiently and thoroughly explained the market conditions and trends that affected my neighborhood. He outlined the steps that were needed to begin the sale.  During the sale, Ramesh guided the deal expertly towards closing. He was detailed and thorough, and I trusted his guidance. It was a great pleasure to work with Ramesh. My sale went far more smoothly than I could have ever imagined. All thanks to Ramesh!” --- Laura Moger, Seller


 "The business transactions with Ramesh have always been a positive experience. I believe Ramesh to be honest, trustworthy and very efficient. His advice has always been on the money! Thank you Ramesh for making our future a little more secure." --- Terry Barber, Buyer & Seller


“Ramesh handled the sale of my real estate with military-like precision. He had a list of all the numerous details that needed attending to and he got them done, in order and on time. He was there for me for appointments when I had to be at my job. He recommended, and met repair men and carpet cleaners and later, brokers and potential buyers. He knew the current market, and could advise on setting asking prices or accepting purchase offers.

As a real estate investor, I can only wish other realtors were as attentive and conscientious as Ramesh.” --- Margaret Gauthier, Seller


"Ramesh is very conscientious and efficient. He always kept us in the loop and gave us timely advice and information. We listed our apartment building with Ramesh and within a week got multiple offers and ended up selling the property at an even higher price than we thought the market could bear. Ramesh is very organized and the whole transaction went without a hitch. We are happy and glad we used Ramesh as our Agent." --- Siu Ling Ku, Seller


“Getting into the process of buying our first home, we were admittedly a bit lax in the research department. It was something we were ready to do, but we didn't really know where to start, so we just started going to open houses to see what was out there. Maybe we didn't come across as serious to some of the agents. I wouldn't say we were getting snubbed, per se, but no one was particularly helpful, either. Ramesh was the exception.

Ramesh immediately got the needed info -- what we wanted, where we wanted it to be, and what could we afford. He was quick to find homes as they came on the market, and let us know that immediately, giving us a jump start that proved invaluable in the end.

Ramesh kept in close contact with the sellers agent the whole time, and updates were constant. After submitting a number of documents -- usually signing papers late at night because of our schedules -- we closed the deal. In the end, we scored a house that exceeded our expectations.” ---  Eric Kurhi & Kathleen Nolte, Buyers


 "Ramesh represented us when we bought a house, then sold it, and bought our present home. We found him to be thoughtful, thorough, and tenacious. He was patient and polite -- but firm -- when he advocated our position during negotiations, and we credit three successful and satisfying transactions to his professional competence." --- John and Eve Steiner, Buyers & Sellers


"Some people are very professional at what they do. And by far, I feel Ramesh is there with the best of them! If only I had listened to him six years ago, I would have been that much closer to retirement than I am today. His forecasts concerning the housing market were quite accurate. Convincing me to trade up, proved to be one of the most beneficial moves I have made financially in my life. Thanks again Ramesh, theres more to come!" --- Dan Barber, Buyer & Seller


"A close friend and long time real estate investor referred me to Ramesh. My friend told me that Ramesh was the most skilled real estate dealmaker he knew. "The best guy you could have on your side to structure the deal, and make the right things happen to get the escrow closed." My friend was right.

I am grateful for Ramesh's skill in successfully handling three challenging apartment house sales for me. He was always available, did his homework well, and negotiated many potential deal-killing problems ethically and to my advantage. In another instance involving the purchase of a small shopping center, he took the time to thoroughly research and bring to light some vital undisclosed information to guide me away from an otherwise attractive investment. He would have made a commission, but chose to put my best interest before his own.

Here are four reasons I think so highly of Ramesh: #1. I trust him immensely. #2. He is highly knowledgeable and communicates his knowledge well whether he is teaching me or creating and carrying through a deal. He makes good things happen. #3. He is very well organized. I didnt have to worry about any of the hows or whens. His reliability means I dont have to worry. And finally, #4, He values and respects relationships. I have referred a close relative and close friends to Ramesh because I know he will serve them knowledgeably, ethically, and successfully." --- Michael & Marsha Joyce, Sellers


 "We own our house because of Ramesh. 5 years ago, my husband and I were just getting started in life. With our wedding less than three months away, and finances tight, buying a house was just a pipe dream. To entertain ourselves, we would attend open houses around the Bay Area, and dream of the day when we would be able to buy. Most of the realtors we bumped into were disdainful of us; the real estate market was hot and no one wanted to take the time to talk to a couple of young kids in scruffy clothing.  

It was by luck that we ran into Ramesh at an open house. He did take us seriously, and he took our dream of owning a home seriously. He convinced us that we could buy a house, and he showed us how. He helped us to figure out financing, and determine where and what we wanted to buy.

Ramesh took the time to figure out what kind of house we really wanted. He knew our likes and dislikes so well that the day our home came on the market he called and said, "get over here now; I think this may be the one." He was right. We saw the house first, we got in the first offer, we got the property. We moved into our beautiful craftsman starter home six weeks before our wedding.

Four years later, while expecting our first child, it was to find a bigger house. Not only did Ramesh help us to get our dream house, arrange our financing, and close the deal, but he also helped us to get a great price on the sale of our first house (more than twice what we paid four years gotta love the Bay Area!).

My husband and I are still young, still scruffy looking, but Ramesh has always treated us as if we are his best clients. I would never buy a house in the Bay Area without him, and I confidently recommend him to anyone who is serious about wanting to buy or sell." --- Libby Palomeque, Buyer & Seller